The Hierarchy

The world is full of numerous activities and one way or the other we just get engaged in them.

We just wake up everyday and find ourselves doing things. Some of these things are planned, we want to do them and we have to do them. They are things we must do because our lives, happiness, joy, finances and existence depend on them. They are very important and sometimes, they are what we live for.

On the other hand, there are things we don’t plan but we do. They just pop up and we just have to do them. They are things circumstances or situations bring.

There are even times you have nothing to do. You are just idle. But do you know that idleness is a work itself. You are not idle. You may be thinking about something, that’s a work. You may be peeping through the window or staring at the ceiling, that is also an assignment. What I’m saying is that we have things to do every time.

You see people rushing up and down. A lot of places to be and tasks to complete. Varieties of seminars, conferences, business meetings in conjunction with an unending list of parties, dinners, social gatherings and get-togethers to catch up with. Very busy life. You just hear ‘I don’t have time’ every time and everywhere. You’ll realize that you can’t even complete all your tasks because you don’t have much time to do them. The 24 hours in a day is not enough for you that you wish you could double yours.

But I have a question. Have you tried adding God to that very busy schedule of yours? After all, He gave you time – which you may think is not enough. I’m sure He knows that it’s not enough but He still gave it to you. Do you know why? He wants you to come back to Him because He alone knows how to help you to plan all your works and shuffle them within the 24 hours He has given you!

Maybe you should just add Him to your list. Try putting Him on top. When you do that, He will help you to align the other tasks and they will fall in place. He’ll help you to do your work and it will be faster, easier and stress-free.

Put Him on top of the list and other things will fall in place.

Photo credit: Google Photos.

April. 2020.

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