The Beautiful Mess

Have you ever seen an artist at work? Sometimes you seem not to understand. He just splashes different paints anyhow and you wonder what on earth he wants to bring out of them. It looks so messy and ugly. It looks rough and untidy. He alone understands it and he just smiles – knowing what he wants to bring out of it.

Do you know that your life is a plain sheet? When you were born, it was plain and white. But as you grow up, it gets stained whether you like it or not. Everything and everyone around you find a way of splashing mud at you. No matter how you try to keep yourself, it reaches you. There’s nothing you can do about it. You just find yourself in situations you don’t like with no idea of how you entered and clue of any way out.

It may be your immediate family. You just don’t know how, it splashes mud at you and no matter how you try to wash it off, it sticks. Your community may be the mud. You’ve determined not to play rough in other not to soil your plain life but other people play rough and their splashes still touch you, leaving behind several marks and scars. Several other minimal things do their special jobs in giving you different shapes, sizes and color of splashes of mud.

Do you know the interesting thing, the splashes of the artist later turns out to be beautiful!

Just like your own life, the mud is not mud, it is paint, but you can’t understand this when it splashes on you. You can’t do anything about them. You are exposed to them and you can’t avoid them. You trying to wash them off is a waste of time. Do you know what you’ll do?

You just have to accept these things. The funny thing is that the greater the splashes you get, the more beautiful you become!!!

They are in different sizes, shapes and colors, just there to make you beautiful. Let them come, God has a way of fixing them in the right places.

When all is done you’ll be so surprised how beautiful you look.

Photo Credit: Google Photos

March 28, 2020.

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