He did it!!!

Alone here on earth, alone in the grave

His precious father wasn’t there, He closed His eyes against Him

He was not the guilty one, and that hurts so bad

He knew His dear father could not even look at Him, just because He carried the shame of the whole world.

Not that His father was evil, He loved His only son

but He loved the world too and knew His son wanted to save it.

His son had carried the only thing he couldn’t behold, what would He do?

Do you know the distress He was in?

He missed His son so much and all He could do is shot His pure eyes hard at Him.

The grave stinks

what a putrefying sight!

He wasn’t used to this, He had been in the sparkling heaven all His life.

He had no choice, or, He had a choice but chose to save the world.

He was humiliated in the grave and hell rejoiced for victory.

And slowly and painfully,

He was dying…. maybe He could not save the human race.

No! My son must be saved, He could feel the pain.

The loving father strengthened His beloved son since their hearts were ever connected.

He lifted Him up and comforted Him. He told Him of His love for Him and the world.

He breathed life and strength into Him.

His cold heart began to beat…


that was the end and the beginning.

He fought and won. The grave had no choice than to break.

He emerged through the thickest dark, the farthest hell, the deepest grave,

tearing down the fiend’s kingdom, Releasing the oppressed race of humanity.

Having the most powerful name, crowned as the first born of the dead,

ruling over all and enforcing peace.

Then He chose you and me to be His, making us His sons and daughters,

ruling and conquering with Him through out eternity.

We are born to celebrate Christ ☺☺Thanks for being with me.

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

April 12, 2020.

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