Sweet memories of family and friends

Have you ever thought of how blessed you are to have people, I mean close people, around you. Or let me say, have you ever felt so lonely without anyone to even ask after you? Have you ever felt so stranded with no place to call home and no people to call yours? You don’t know how lucky and fortunate you are to have people around you.

The happy moments are never to be forgotten. The smiles, laugh, play and sweet memories you share with your family and friends is one of the best things you’ve got. Those times when you come together after a short or long time of distance is something you should cherish. You talk about what you’ve done together in time past and laugh about it. You bring up old and new gists and have fun together.

No matter how annoying families can be, they are still yours. A part of you still loves them dearly. Imagine you not having those friends and families. Some people don’t. No one to talk to as family. Although they are rich, their money cannot buy them a home. They have no home to go.

So hold on to your family and good friends. You’re so lucky to have one of the best gifts in the world. Even if you feel you are not rich enough, keep what you’ve got now. You’ve got them and you’ve got to hold them tight. Never let them go because if you do, you’ll always miss the company of family and friends.

Photo credit: Google Photos

May 11, 2020.

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