What is New in the New Year?

It’s a new year!!!

I feel so happy and grateful to God for being alive. Last year wasn’t really pleasant to most, if not all of us. It was just like we really didn’t do what we planned to do. But well, here we are, not swallowed up by the passage of time.

It’s a new year already. Whether the last year was good or not, we are in the new year.

Why new year?

Sometimes, I try to think in other directions, like think outside the box. We’ve spent some days in the new year and I’ve really not seen anything new. I have started asking myself since the beginning of this year, what is new about it?

New year is a time to reconnect with family. You see your parents and siblings, especially when you’ve not been staying together. Everyone comes home with their spouses and children. You see your grandparents, your uncles and aunties, cousins, new babies, friends, and loved ones. To most people, it’s the only period they have time to be together with their families.

For those we are not going anywhere, it’s a time to take care of the house, wash or change the curtains, repaint the house, change the furniture, decorate the house and make preparations for the new year. There is festivity everywhere. We buy new clothes, make our hair, and make sure we look at our best on the new year day.

But I’ve come to notice something, apart from all the busyness and bubblings, the new year day is the same as any other day.

So why do we call it a new year? Well, you may tell me it is when there is a complete revolution of the earth around the sun on it’s orbit. We’ve spent 365/366 days as the case may be and we have to emerge into a new calendar schedule. Since we’ve exhausted the old calendar, we definitely need to move to a new one.

But in the real sense, what is new? The sun doesn’t shine differently, the air doesn’t blow in a new way. The 24 hours we have is neither reduced or increased. The universe doesn’t have a special thing to offer different from it’s old gift. There is no bonus to anyone.We ourselves don’t grow fresher, darker, whiter, taller or shorter. We look the same.

What I mean is this, The feeling of new year itself is relative. Those in the city experience a more bubbling new year. In the village, no flashy and blinking light on trees. Nothing to decorate things to make it beautiful. No outings. No cinema, nothing to really light up their spirits compared to those in the city.

Some people spend the new year day alone in their house. They sleep and eat and sleep again and they share the same new year day with those throwing parties. You are not richer on new year’s day. Some even become poorer after spending a whole year savings on partying.

After the new year’s day, things don’t change except with the fact that you have to wish everyone you see a happy new year. Fine, it’s a time of celebration, my question is what makes it new?

In the real sense, nothing around us makes it new. Not your new cloth, not the air or anything. You see the same people you’ve been seeing before. Do you know that if calendar is not in existence, we may not even know what is called a new year? Okay, what if the calendar is reshuffled and we pick April as the last month of the year, have you ever thought that we would celebrate new year on the 1st of May? It’s like your birthday, it looks so special to you while it’s a normal day to others. The fact that it is your birthday doesn’t make it different from other days.

So what makes a year new?

We make a year new. We people that live in the new year make it new. We believe that we have a new chance to life. We feel that it is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. We leave behind the regrets, stress, failures and barriers of the previous year and insist on moving on.

You make the year new

We definitely don’t know what the new year holds but we are optimistic. We have this feeling, even if it is not certain, that things will be better. We have the chances of becoming better and this prompts us to make resolutions. We believe we can do things differently and it pushes us to set goals. We feel that the defeats of previous years cannot weigh us down and we move forward. We’ve learnt to avoid our mistakes and live by the rules and principles that can help us.

The successes of the past are not enough and we need to achieve more. We had reasons to be happy in the past years and that keeps us going through the new year as we gather more. The sad moments and memories are now behind us and we need to move on. We have more experiences that will help us and we are ready to put them to use.

We have a new identity, a new tag, a new way of life, a new chart and map, different form the ones that had failed us in the past, with the readiness to make use of them. We’ve gathered our thoughts, figured out ways to make us better, and filtered the junks from our minds.

Old roads never lead to new destinations, old methods never bring new results.


We are determined to give our best. We’ve seen our loop holes and are ready to fill them up. We want to be better versions of ourselves. We want to do more than we’ve done before. We want to count more successes. We want to make up for the lost chances and opportunities. No more pursuing unrealistic goals and wasting precious times.

We feel that God is the only one that can keep us through the year and we are dedicated to do all it takes to hold on to Him more firmly, than than in old years.

This is what new year means to me. I feel we make the new year new. You make the year new to you.

If you’ve not taken time to do these things, I don’t think you are in the new year. I guess you are still very much alive, active and living in the old year. You can start your new year today, it is relative. The day you start is the day your new year begins. The sad thing is that the length is also relative. The duration is not equal. You can’t afford to waste more time. Wake up to your new year.

Thanks so much for being here. Trust me, you made last year amazing for me. I’m so sorry if  you expected more of me, I’ll make it up to you this year. I love you greatly with the love of God. I’m sure what God has for you this year is more than you can imagine. The best of this year is all yours.

Welcome to 2021

I love you so much.


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