When We Meet With God…

Before I pray, I spend a little time to meditate. I sometimes think about what God has done for me in time past, His promises for me and what I want to pray about. In some cases, I allow the Holy Spirit to inspire my thinking so I think on nothing till He drops a thought on my mind.

One afternoon while observing my medication, I decided to allow the Holy Spirit to inspire my thinking. After sometimes, He dropped something on my mind. I started thinking on what happens when we come to God. I mean what happens when humans and God set up meetings. Then I started ruminating.

Most of the times when we come to God, we come in prayer and we come to pray. We are probably in a very tight situation and we need God to do something and perform a miracle ASAP. Or, we are overwhelmed and we have no one to talk to, we just come to God to pour out our minds. And trust me, when you do that it works. You feel as light as air after talking to God. Immediately we feel better, we leave – at least we’ve gotten what we needed for the moment.

When last did you ask God for what He wants to say?

To most people, reading the Bible and praying is to learn lessons and tell God what we need. Yes it is but it is more than that. When last did you ask God for what He wants to say? God wants to speak but you do all the talking when you meet!

We only come to God’s presence to tell Him our feelings, we should also ask God for His too! He surely has something to say but He won’t say it until He sees that we are ready to hear Him. We should make it an habit to wait after praying. When we talk to God in prayer, He listens and has answers for all the questions.

We only have to listen to Him in return. God can never speak to a mind that is clouded with all sorts of unhealthy thoughts. He speaks in still small voices which can never be heard in a congested atmosphere. The mind most be void of any contrasting voice. This may take a very long time, but as long as the mind is not still, God’s voice remains inaudible.

It may not be easy considering the situation around. However, it is the easiest if the attention is shifted to God and God alone. When the mind is overwhelmed, God definitely has something to say, so instead of talking and talking about the problem which God already knows about, ask Him for what He has to say.

I’m not trying to say that when we pray, we should just keep quiet and wait for God to speak without talking to Him. He wants us to hear us speak to Him. He is our father and He wants us to be as plain as possible when we speak to Him. It’s just that after saying all we want to say, He has something to say too, wait for Him to speak.

Just listen to Him. He speaks anytime so be attentive to Him. Just wait on Him till he speaks.

When we meet God, He also wants to speak. Wait till He speaks.

7 thoughts on “When We Meet With God…

  1. Beautifully said. Too many pause or kneel only to give God a list of things they want, and then take off. It is important for us to pause before we pray, to be in the right mindset, and then have your prayer time (I like to think of it as a conversation, because it is then a two-way communication), and finally to allow time for a response from God. Good message.


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