When I woke up this morning, a thought came to my heart. ‘What have I done in life?’

Every ticking second reminds me that one day, my time will be up. I’ll leave this place, probably forever. Have I done all I’m to do? Have I really given my best? If I am to weigh my life, am I going to be found accountable?

I hope you know that we all have ticking time bombs in us. The amazing thing is that nobody can read the time left. The day it was on was the day we were born. You can only read the time you’ve spent not the one you have left. No one knows when it will explode, all we know is that it will surely do!!!

Life is like a river that flows. It can never flow back. It goes forward. You can never go back to undo all you’ve done. All you can do is do something that will change the impression -which most times, is not easy.

Don’t do things that you will regret in the nearest future.

You can be a better version of yourself. You can improve on yourself to bring out the best in you. You have a chance to be who you’re meant to be by doing what you ought to do. You can only do this when you reflect on your life.

  • Remember the good and best times, they make you happier and they reassure you that good times are ahead.
  • Remember the bad times, they were there to beautify your story.
  • What made you successful in the past? Note them and improve on them. Avoid your potholes, remember that you’ve fallen into them before.
  • Don’t forget the people that helped you in time past. It makes you recall how stranded you were before someone came to your rescue.
  • Remember that whenever you are about to ignore someone who needs your help.
  • Remember those that mocked and discouraged you when you started, you’ll notice that they never left where you left them. So watch it when you want to discourage people.
  • Remember your fake and true friends and how they made you feel.
  • Don’t forget those mountains that looked insurmountable, at least you’ve climbed them. This should assure you that you can climb any mountain.
  • Lastly, remember God and your attitude towards Him. Can you truly say you are faithful to him?

Remember all lessons life has thought you. You’ll still need them.

Reflect on everything you can remember.

Photo Credit: Google Photos

Feb. 24, 2020.

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