Know your post

An old man bought a wrist watch and a wall clock. As expected, he fixed the wall clock on the wall and kept the wrist watch on a table directly under the wall clock so that he could use it the following morning. In the morning, he picked up the wrist watch, wore it, locked the door and went out.

The wall clock was so angry.

‘How would this old man take wrist watch out and leave me inside? He even locked the door so that nobody would see me. I knew it when he came to buy me that he can never take good care of me. Why did he buy me when he knew he would hide me here in this stuffy house. Is this where I will spend all the days of my life?’ The complain went on and on.

Our dear wrist watch also had it’s own allegations against the old man. ‘He took me out and covered me under his cloth. Look at wall clock, anyone who enters will see it. No one sees me. Infact no one knows I exist. What sort of wickedness is this?

When the man came, he returned the wrist watch and slept. In the midnight, wall clock and wrist watch began to fight as a result of the bottled frustration. They fought that they woke the old man. He pacified them and they told him their desires when asked. Wrist watch wanted to be seen by everyone out and wall clock wanted to go out.

The man did that for them but they lost their purpose.

There is a reason God made you the way you are. Some people are so angry at God just because of their height, stature and even complexion. All these can never make you thank God for making you. Have you ever thought of what it cost God to make you who you are? He specially and deliberately designed you the way you are. He wants you to fill a vacuum. He needs someone to do something so he created you.

Don’t be like the unreasonable wall clock who wanted to go out when God has placed it above all. It certainly didn’t know that one of the first things that draws your attention in a house is the wall clock. That’s its divinely ordained purpose. The poor wrist watch too didn’t know that it is more important than the wall clock because it is an accessory.

Both of them didn’t know how important they were. I hope you’re not like any of them? You don’t need everyone to know you in so far you know those God wants you to know.

You don’t also need to be where everyone is. Be where God has ordained you to be. Be contented. Face your own work and responsibility.

You don’t need to be like others. Be who you are made to be. You are very useful in your own little way. Just be faithful with it. Find your post and occupy it.

Your own reason for existence is totally different from other people’s. Don’t even try to compare yourselves because you’re totally different.

Photo credit: Google Photos

Feb. 23, 2020.

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