What If

What if I never knew myself and I had to be someone else? I would have journeyed a different path.

Exploring the blissful ecstasy of a life I would have lived or rather, worn out of a seemingly eerie existence. Anything but nothing close to my present life.

My story, entirely different, precisely knitted together by everything the goddess of luck favorably bequeathed. Scrupulously sifted of all miserableness.

My ambitions finer, aimed at the transcendent of a world without compare. With no retrain, I’ll hound a mystery not yet known.

What if I could not unravel the very ilk of the raptured adventure! An infinite luxury preserved to be unwound by me.

Then I never would have been me.

I’ll be a flight of fancy, a mirage that was never there, an illusion, too artificial to exist and a dream, too vague to be awakened.


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