Why the rush?

Snails are known to be one of the slowest creatures on earth. People often refer to snails only when they talk about slow and sluggish people. However, have you ever stopped to study these little creatures?

Snails are not slow because they are lazy. They are not slow because they don’t want to move. There are several reasons for snails’ sluggishness. They have very unique and distinct characteristics that people don’t really pay attention to.

The first thing you’ll notice about a snail is that it has a shell behind its back. You’ll see it inside its shell when it is tired, stressed and weak. It goes back inside for shelter. It creates a home for itself even when everything around it is harsh and unpleasant.

This little and ignored creature has a very high level of sensitivity. Although it is widely known that snail is a coward, do you know what I see to that? It is not a coward, it is only trying to save its head!!! It knows itself to be a fragile being that has no backbone. The first thing it does when it senses danger is that it goes back to its shell, not because it’s running away from the supposed danger, but because it wants to ruminate and reflect on a better approach.

Do you really do this? Do you think things through before making conclusions or you just want people to know that you have stuffs. People who are intelligent are not too forward, they think things through before acting.

Do you know why snail is slow? For every inch it moves, it makes a thin layer of slime an inch long. It tries to leave a mark where ever it goes. This takes time as well as lots of water and energy. It never leaves anywhere without setting a pace or a standard. Whether on the sand, rock, tree, anywhere it goes, it takes its time to make a mark.

Snail also has the ability to control and manage stress. After working silently for long hours, it takes quality time to rest. It never over- works or over- stress itself. Take quality time to rest. Don’t just be running up and down without retreating. When you rest, better ideas and inspirations come. Who knows whether our dear snail is praying in its shell? Give yourself time to rest and think.

Snails are not only slow, they are amazing. One of the things I love doing is watching snails move. They take each step meticulously after making sure the road is clear.

You can also learn from this tiny creature. Even though it’s slow, it still gets to it’s destination. It’s good to be very fast and apt in doing things. However, don’t forget that it is not how far but how well. Don’t rush at all. Take time to do things at your own pace. Don’t be disturbed by other people’s sudden achievement and success. Patiently wait for your own time.

You’re almost there…

Photo Credit: Google


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