It’s a New Year for me!

Each new year I clock, I noticed that I’m different from the last. Not just that I’ve gotten an increase in the numbers of years I’ve spent on earth, I’ve learnt new things- in easy and hard ways. I have new experiences and I’ve crossed new milestones.

Last year was kind of choking for me. I had a whole lot of responsibilities hanging around my neck at home, in school, in church and personally. For some years now, I’ve been making some decisions that are way higher than my age and last year was no difference. I had to make decisions personally and for others, which in most cases were very crucial, requiring wisdom.

Some months after my birthday, it was so hard for me to understand myself. I couldn’t understand who I was or what I wanted because I was weighed down by the thoughts of these very many responsibilities that I could no longer bear them. I had no strength any more to move on. I felt caged and trapped in my own body. It was like help could not reach me. I was broken and hurt.

But later, I figured out that God allowed all those things to make me understand what freedom in Him is. You cannot fully comprehend the feeling of freedom if your heart has never known bondage. It takes time for a deep and painful wound to heal. The healing process took as long as God wanted but trust me, the process was worth it. It made me stronger than I was. I understood several things when I later allowed God to take the wheels of my life. I just allowed God to do what He wanted to do instead of mapping out course for Him.

It was not perfect for me. I fell many times but God was there to pick me up a million times. That way, I learnt and I’m still learning from my mistakes. I have not reached the best of me yet and that is why I continue to make the better me every day. I’ll share new things I learnt between my last birth day and now in my next post.

Mean while, I thank God because last year was the best year ever for me!

The trying times even made it the best because I had a lot of victories! I can boldly say that God increased my faith and  helped me to trust in Him than ever before. I made new, amazing, helpful and wonderful friends that I’m sure I will never forget in my entire life. I started new things that would change my life when I’m done with them. I completed my B.Ed program. And most importantly, I became closer to God.

It’s a new year for me. I have new tasks to start and old ones to complete. I go in God’s strength and grace.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Photo Credit: Google photos

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