Little Things That Matter

Imagine stepping out of your house and the first person you meet looks at you smiles and says:

“Hey, this outfit looks good on you, I like it”.

I sure you will smile and be like: “Thanks a lot”.

You’ll have this joy and sense of confidence through out the day.

When we step out of our houses, we want people to appreciate us. We want them to like our shoes, our hair, our clothes and admire our bags. Everyone wants others to feel good about him/her. We esteem the smiles, compliments and the love shown by others.

No matter who we are, rich or poor, we want to be accepted and appreciated. Whether we seem ugly or beautiful or people’s spec or not, we still want to be loved.

One day, I was passing by a bunch of heavily armed soldiers. They looked so scary and people rushed passed them, even though they knew they couldn’t arm them. They were in the scourging sun, and of course, soldiers don’t wear smiling faces. One was very near me and as I passed, I greeted him. He was shocked at first then he nodded. I guessed that was the best response he could give.

When I looked back I saw him smiling

Then I thought: “how many ‘good days’ does he receive per day?”

Okay, fine. You may not have soldiers around or have the courage to exchange pleasantries with a soldier armed to the teeth, but are you also afraid of greeting the people that are as harmless as you are?

…be good to people

Some people are rule governed. I won’t mind if these rules are to help them.  But these are clearly rules that will never do them any good. One of them is “I will not greet her if she doesn’t greet me first”. This “she” has never offended them, in fact they don’t know her from Adam.

Others find it very difficult and arduous to reply when people greet them. You know how it feels to be so excited to see someone and you come with the broadest of your smile only to have it quenched with their obnoxious and snobbish attitude. It is very bad!!!

I see these as barbaric and ill-cultured principles that will do nothing but create hatred towards you.

This is just a fraction of what I mean. The summary is be good to people. Treat people the same way you want to be treated. I’m sure you really don’t want to be snobbed and ignored.

These are little things that matter. We may not understand the ‘big deal’ in them. But trust me, it may be your greetings or compliments that will make that person’s day. However, don’t make it a flatter or jest, be sincere. 

Why not make someone smile today? 

4 thoughts on “Little Things That Matter

  1. Much wisdom here, Mercy. I think many times we are afraid of being rebuffed, so instead of sharing kindness freely, we look away. Should people who are citizens of God’s kingdom behave with such reserve? No, for “we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Cor. 2:16).


  2. I feel like sometimes people like to keep to themselves so they won’t be snubbed… imagine greeting someone with a smile on the face and the person is just looking at you like ‘who is this one’
    Sometimes I just like to keep to myself… just go my own way
    Some people it’s when you start smiling and greeting them that they start behaving somehow
    Imagine a gateman old enough to be my father stopping me and saying trash all because I smile and greet him when I pass…


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