The Unashamed

She was at the prime of her youth, enjoying life at its peak, they were the best days of her life.

Her imaginations were as bright as the sun, enjoying her world of fantasy.

She had all what she wanted when she wanted them.

She had her life to live after all and that is no one’s business!!!

Then I came…

She had to wake up from her dream land.

Or, she wished it was a dream.

Her world felt apart, leaving her broken and shattered.

Why did I come?

She was only exploring the world, the delight, gratification and pleasure everyone of her age craves for.

I came in to put a sharp and unexpected stop that has caused her the pain, hurt and bitterness of a lifetime.

I was invited -unknowingly,

but not expected.

I was an unwanted package which can never be mailed back.

Nonchalant about where I was or how my host felt, like a parasite,

I stuck my buggy self to her, clueless that I made her ashamed.

Putting her out of shape and size, demanding a lot, snatching off her privacy.

Because of me, she had a new life – not the one she ever wanted – even in her next life.

She tried to hide me but I soon got out of hand,

I was where she could not ignore me.

I took every attention I could – even strangers could not avoid me.

She knew it was not my fault and she decided to keep me.

Not minding the shame, deride and humiliation I bought along,

Signifying regret of the past, rushing down unpleasant memories down her,

She loved me greatly.

She left her old life which she enjoyed so much to cleave to mine which never brought good memories.

Whenever she cries, I’m always sad and scared that she never wanted me.

I also cry with her.

But as soon as she hears me cry, she neglects her sorrows to fondle me.

Then I realized that even though I wasn’t expected,

I was wanted.

She has never been ashamed of me.

She loves to see me smile and she shares my pain.

I also love her a lot.

We are never ashamed of each other.

We are the unashamed.

Image credit: Graced Art

My sister made a pencil drawing and I felt like writing something on it.😊😊😊

16 thoughts on “The Unashamed

  1. A brave Lady.

    Not afraid to face up to her the aftermath of her actions.

    Many have taken the untold path of redemption leaving eternal scars.
    More grace beloved.

    Liked by 1 person

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