The Struggle for Survival

You are a seed, buried deep down into the belly of the earth.

No one sees you, no one knows you.

You are alone, fighting for survival and growth, struggling against others that may want to take your chances of survival. Breaking out of your shell is hardest as part of you is broken and totally forgotten. All you want to do is see the world above you.

Then one day, after overcoming the battle of the underground world, you open your eyes to your dream world. You thought you’ll live there alone but all you see is the interlocks of different things standing so tall and high that you can never see their end. You wonder what they are.

‘I thought I’ve fought the greatest battles’, you wonder in the strange world. As you are trying to understand the mystery of the unknown world, you see a tiny winged creature above you whispering little sounds that you’ve never heard before. The sounds are melodious and they cool down your heated spirit. You’ve forgotten the stress you passed through and the giants above you

Then suddenly, it flys away. Where has it gone? You stand up to look for it and you realize that you cannot move. Then one of the big giants creeks: ‘Hey little one, you’ll never move. You are stuck in here forever because you are a plant.’

The other giants then start to make jest of you.

You remember he said something ‘you are a plant’.

‘So that’s my name’, you said. Then others are definitely plants too. ‘Plants!!!’ You call at them.

Then angrily, one yells at you: ‘we are trees and you are a plant’.

You start to learn new things in hard ways.

No one cares for you. Animals sometimes trample over you. Getting nutrients is the hardest but all you know is you’re getting bigger and taller. Your leaves are increasing. Those trees that yelled at you are dieing. You have flowers and seeds now. You’re forming the right shape. Although you’re not big enough, you know you are increasing day by day.

The world is like a forest and we are plants growing in it. It is a very competitive world with several individuals craving for survival. Just like the plant, growing is not easy. It is the survival of the fittest.

However, you’ll survive, just as the little plant did. You will come out standing high and taller than all. Just keep on striving. It’s just a matter of time. You’ll soon become a big tree stretching your branches everywhere you want.

Don’t forget, good things come out of trying times.

Photo credit: Google Photos

Feb. 13, 2020.

2 thoughts on “The Struggle for Survival

  1. I love how you’ve shown us the perspective of a young plant in such detail. There’s new research that suggests mature trees help support each other more than we ever imagined. Still, being a seedling must be very difficult. We must keep going, grow strong roots, and find the support from within and around us.

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  2. Hi Joanna, I really appreciate your comment. I’m so sorry, I haven’t been active for a while. My reply may seem so late but I just want you to know that I really love your comment. Thanks a lot for this.


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