You Owe Him All

Why do you have to blame God? What on earth does He owe you?

Many actually feel they deserve all they have and they never even bother to be grateful. Those you see on the streets also have those things God has given you to gather your wealth. They have the same number of eyes, nose, legs, hands and even brain as you do. Those that don’t have were also created by the person who created you. The reason they are like that is best known to Him without anyone who can query Him.

You don’t deserve any one of those things you have. You think you worked and earned the money that built you a house, who blessed the work of your hands? Some people were born with special needs, do you think they deserve it? Some were born into the poorest families and deadliest countries, you think they deserve it too?

You are just privileged by God to have what you have. He was only merciful unto you. He doesn’t owe you a dime.

You owe Him your whole life instead.

Don’t be so foolish to be blinded by the things He gave you and forget about Him. If He decides to take them all, you can do anything. All He needs from you is a grateful heart that acknowledges Him. The happier He is at you, the easier things are for you.

If things are not working out well for you, why don’t you just believe that all will be well.

With a grateful heart, trust in Him. I’m sure He has a reason for all you’re passing through.

it’s just a matter of time, you’ll come out as gold. Just endure the refining process.

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

March 5, 2020.

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