What if it’s wrong?

I seem not to understand why many people continue to use the same old, wrong approach which has never given them any good result. Many people do not take time to think about the approach they use in addressing things.

Do you think trying or using an old approach will give you a new result? I am not against persistence. Persistence is putting your best into something, even though it is not working out yet. You have not seen any good result but you keep on doing it because you want a result. Infact, there is no success without persistence. It is like you are hitting an iron on the same spot. But wait!!! Hope you’re not hitting it with a log of wood?

When you do things the right way, you will know. God, instinct, people around and the results help you know if you are right. But many people are too busy to check out if they are right or wrong. They keep on using the wrong methods, approaches, ideas and notions which keep giving them wrong results. No matter the number of times you try to walk on the rock, your footprints can never show.

Why can’t you use a new approach? You’ve been using some methods and the desired result is not coming forth, have you tried checking if the methods are right? What if the timing is wrong? What if you are applying it wrongly? What if it is an outdated approach? What if you shouldn’t even use it at all? Maybe you should make a list of ‘what ifs’ and consider it.

Your idea may be excellent but trust me, if you do not implement it the right way, the desired result will not come out. And sometimes, it may be the idea or orientation that is wrong. You may have a negative attitude towards it and that can never bring out a positive result.

Take time to check out what you are doing and what you are using.

Photo Credit: Google Photos

April 4, 2020.

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