The Killing Power of Anger

Anger is a mask which is put on by anyone who wants to. It is a spirit which should be fought with great tenacity. I just wonder when people say ‘I get angry easily’ and ‘I have anger issues’ with boastfulness and pride. Some people just take is as a way of life and a tag that they wear whenever they want to. Have you ever reasoned in that direction too?

Some people are already angry even before people do anything. They are prepared to attack anyone anytime with the sting and venom of anger and people leave them hurt, battered, even shattered. They nurture and tend it because to them, it it a very powerful tool. They tell people with pride that they can never be messed up with. They just put the mask on and scare everyone off. Even when all they need is just a little bit of patience, the anger in them will prompt them to scatter everything.

I hope you know that one of the powerful tools of the devil is anger. The devil tries as much as possible to destroy anyone that he has given this special gift. At first they enjoy it. They use it confidently but as time goes on, it starts to wear off which causes them pain because it’s already part and parcel of them. Can you mention just one person who made it in life and was fulfilled through anger? One thing is that even if they succeed, they end up crumbled because of anger.

Anger brings about impatience. You just rush over things in hurry and restlessness. People who are controlled by anger never make right decisions. Nobody dare corrects them. They do things the way they want even when it costs others their lives.

Why can’t you calm down for once? Must you always be fire that burns anything that tries touching it even when the person just wants to admire it? Do you look at your face anytime you’re angry, I’m sure you’ll even sacre yourself to death. You don’t need anger and fury before being in control. You don’t need to be angry at everyone just because someone has done something bad to you. There are better ways of expressing yourself.

Infact, if you have anger issues you need to work on yourself because one day it will disgrace and ruin you. Angry people are never happy.

People do things that annoy us everyday and that’s fine, what is not fine is you being so angry at everything. If you continue that way, when on earth will you be happy?

Another thing is that if you’re angry at others, God will never be happy at you. God not being happy at you means God is angry at you. Can you face God’s wroth?

So sit down and have a rethink. Anger can never take you anywhere good.

Mention five people who has gone down that road and where they are today.

Anger kills and destroys, don’t be a victim.

Photo credit: Google Photos

March 4, 2020.

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