The Deposit

Why do we keep money in the bank?

Is it because we have a lot and we just feel like getting it out of our sight? No! We keep money in the bank so that it’ll meet our needs when needed, not only to keep it away from thieves.

When you help others you’re meeting their needs but do you know you are depositing help in them so that you can make use of it one day?

A part of whatever you do to others goes to your bank. When you help someone, you are in one way or the other helping yourself in advance. That is why you should help as many people as you can.

I hope you get my point? I’m not saying that you should help others so that they can help you. What I mean is that whatever you do, you get back, sooner or later.

That is why you should help others as if you are helping yourself. Be good to people. Love people. Care for others. Give anything you can to anyone needing it next to you. Your gifts of love, advice and help go a long way. The more you do, the more gets into your account.

If you do bad to people, that’s what goes into your purse. And by the time it opens, because it will surely do, you will never like it.

Therefore, I advise you to deposit help into your bank by helping others.

Photo credit redit: Google Photos.

April 9, 2020.

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