When things get hard…

There are times when you feel things will never get any better. The harder you try, the tougher it becomes. Nothing is just working out after trying every possible method and using every available device. Then you seem so discouraged.

Do you know that’s how it looks during dry season? Everything is dried up and dead. No trace of life or hope. The trees that were once green, flourishing and cool become so empty, dried and exposed to the scourging heat of the sun. The birds hardly sing because their strength have been dried up by the hot face of the sun. Things seems so unbearable.


… the darkest comes before dawn

But just one drop if the cooling rain brings an end to the painful silence. Everything begins to change. The dry trees begin to shoot out green leaves making everywhere so beautiful once again. Flowers fill the field and beautiful butterflies which have been away on sabbatical suddenly fill the air. The changes look so sudden and unexpected!!!

That’s how life is. The harder it becomes the closer you are. When the smoke becomes thicker, the fire is about to spark. Don’t give up. You’ve gone too far than to give up now. Better days are coming, but they will come faster with faith and perseverance. But don’t forget you can’t get to know better days until you make it through the darkest night. Meanwhile, the darkest comes before dawn.

So brace up and try harder. You’re almost through and you’ll soon get there.

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