Have you ever felt denied? Those you hold so dearly just turning their backs at you for reasons you just can’t fathom. They profess they truly and dearly love you but all their actions and words deny that.

The most annoying of it all is that they see you as their enemy. You love them so much that you are willing to give out your life but you are never appreciated. You do foolish things just to keep you together but the harder you try, the harder it becomes. You really want things to work out but it never do.

Despite all these, you never give up. ‘They’ll appreciate it one day’, you think. ‘May be I’ll just do more’. But the more you do the lesser you become to them. You’ve given all and all that remains of you is nothing. Just bits of your shredded self. You just keep on doing more because that’s all you can do and nothing more. They are parts of you and removing them never possible.

And you wonder if you can ever be loved. You hear people’s love stories and they’re just fictions to you. ‘Or maybe I’m not even born to be loved. No one loves me, no one cares. I’ll just stop loving people’

It hurts so hard.

It is so painful.

But have you ever thought that Jesus also feels that way because of those ungrateful for His love?

Don’t stop loving because He never stops loving you.

Don’t think of suicide because He will never do so.

So, just keep on loving, because He will always love you.

Photo credit: Google Photos.

May 4, 2020.

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