The Growing Young

We were once children. We all had no other business than to run around and play. We were all afraid of ‘Father Christmas’.

We all wore our cloths and shoes in the opposite way. We were all happy to run around naked before bath and to see our our mums chasing us all around the house. We all cried on our first day at school.

We were all pleased playing in the mud and sand. Some of us even ran around joyfully in the rain. We were all angry when someone used our plates, spoons and cups.

We all used to wonder when we would grow. It was as if it would never happen. We all ignorantly wanted to become doctors and lawyers. We all wondered when we would look like our big uncles and aunties and would be able to go out ourselves. It was not easy growing up, waiting patiently for the passage of time.

But we later grew up. We are now the big aunties and uncles some little ones want to be like.
And of course, they will grow. They are eager to outgrow their age. They bring joy, newness, freshness, life, love, harmony, peace, laughter and hope to us.

They are young, but they are growing. They are destined to break the hurdle by leading another generation. We owe them love, support and care.

Photo credit: Google Photos

#children #children’sday #littleones #growingyoung #lovethechild #care #newgeneration
May 27, 2020.

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