Peace is not necessarily the absence of storm and trouble. It’s when you have all reasons to be afraid and panic but you’ve decided not to allow anything to worry you.

I don’t think there is a day people don’t die of road accident, does that stop us from using the road? We all know that gas is explosive, but have we stoped using it?

Infact, Jesus didn’t promise us a very peaceful world. He said in the world, we shall have tribulations. He knows that it can never be a smooth journey. He is aware of the problem of the world because the devil is in the world. What He gave us is His victory over the world. He gave is His peace, something the world can never give.

He said we should cheer up. In spite of the trials, problems and evil, cheer up.

It’s not easy to cheer up. When you look outside your window, you’ll see things that can make you angry and sad. The sadness increases when you switch on your T. V. to watch the news. Nothing good makes news headlines these days.

The only thing that will make you happy is that Christ has overcome the world. You know that He has hidden you in the hollow of His hand. You know that you are in His boat. You know that He has given you His promises and above all, you know that He can never fail.

So you have all the reasons on earth to cheer up which gives you the greatest peace on earth.

Photo credit: Google Photos.

April 19, 2020.


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