Crush your Fears

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to conquer these fears. Everyone has fears. You have things you are really afraid of. It may be failing, making mistakes, making bad friends, offending people and others which can make a never ending list!!!

It is normal to have your fears. It is normal to be afraid and scared of certain things. It shows that you are human and you have your inabilities and weaknesses. It becomes abnormal when you allow these fears to tie you down, cripple you and make you limited. It is no more fine if you allow your fears to get inside your head without giving you the chance to think of ways forward.

That’s why you need to crush your fears before they crush you. You just have to stand up and overlook all your fears. Put them behind you and look forward. Sometimes it’s not easy to lay aside your fears.

What you should know is that those fears will never allow you to stretch yourself or do great things. This will only make you to do normal things normal people do, not the special, wonderful things that you’re born to do. What fears do is that they restrict you from showing your extra abilities and God-given strengths.

… rise up and look down on those fears.


All you have to do is rise up and look down on those fears. Stand over them and you’ll see that those fears are not actually what should make you afraid. Maybe you should take a pen and list them down, you’ll see that they are actually tasks you can accomplish.

Put your trust and confidence in God and climb every mountain subduing your fears.

Photo credit: Google Credit

Feb. 10, 2020

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